”There is law for the rich and law for people like you and me.”

”In a nation run by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: Not necessarily to Win, but mainly to keep from Losing Completely.” – HST.

No more, O Lord, no more ! Why do you punish your people thus ? What have we done to displease thee ? Do swinish degenerates in power have no shame ? How low are they willing to go ? Have they completely gone stark raving mad ? Last week these questions or at least some of them were answered beyond any reasonable doubt, when Brazil’s highest court, the Supreme Federal Tribunal, our Holy of Holies and the bastion of decency and justice had made a dubious decision of allowing a new round of appeals in a trial  over a vote-buying scheme, the decision that may allow senior scum in the ruling Workers Party (PT) to weasel out of any serious jail time for their actions in what  may be Brazil’s biggest corruption scandal. Or rather what may have been ”the biggest trial”. Now, almost no one in our country is naive enough to believe that the Supreme Court will ever deliver what it had promised to deliver a few months earlier. No one has any hope of seeing those responsible for raping the good name of Brazil behind the bars.

The ludicrousness of such an appeal scantily needs to be discussed. In November, 2012 the defendants were found guilty AND sentenced to prison by the same court in what had been hailed as ”The Trial of the Century” by Brazilian Media. So far, no one has been incarcerated for their crimes as the so-called ”Trial of the Century” is quickly degenerated to ”The Joke of the Century”. Surprising ? – Hardly ! And here’s why.

The universally despised institution aka Congress has a tradition of preventing its own members convicted of crimes from ever going to jail, in part because of the special judicial standing enjoyed solely by about 700 senior political figures, including all members of Congress.The standing allows those people to be tried ONLY in the Supreme Federal Tribunal, producing years of delays. Until 2001, politicians could not even be tried without the authorization of Congress, a function of deference traditionally given to elected officials in the legal system making it practically impossible the conviction of the government pests. The swine are above the law because they ARE the law.

To add insult to injury it will be good to remember that according  to the documents compiled by Congresso em Foco, a prominent watchdog group, almost 200 legislators, or a third of Brazil’s Congress, are facing charges in Supreme Court ranging from siphoning off public funds to far more serious accusations  of employing slave labor, kidnappings and ordering murder among others. In other words Brazil is governed by murderous, thieving, corrupt goons and that is a terrifying, unsettling thought. And what makes it even more unsettling that this thought is a fact, ladies and gentlemen !

As for the appeals in question they involve a rare legal procedure in which close votes on the high court can be held again. The appeals, (please feel free to laugh) are thought to have originated in the 16th-century (!!!) legal system of Portugal, but were abolished there in 1930s. However in Brazil those appeals are still alive in kicking, a stunning example of backwardness by so-called ”Country of the Future”, a country which is hopelessly mired in its colonial past.

”The move sets a troubling precedent by raising concerns over a domino effect in many other corruption cases involving powerful figures,” said Ivan Hartmann, a professor of law at Fundacao Getulio Vargas, a top Brazilian university. ”The stain on their reputation remains,” commented Mathew M.Taylor, a scholar at American university in Washington who specializes in Brazil’s legal system. He said  the latest twist in their trial was ”more troubling for what it says about Brazil’s courts and their inability to effectively and expeditiously tackle widespread corruption within the political system.”  Well, let our swinish establishment have their fun for now. After all what else can one expect from pigs ? Its in their nature to seek out filth wherever possible, wallow crazily in it making snorting sounds and have no scruples about soling themselves in public.

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3 Responses to ”There is law for the rich and law for people like you and me.”

  1. Excellent post, sadly seems to be the case with most governments these days, just pigs in the trough…a nod to Orwell.

    • actually I just re blogged it on Scoopit. ;)

    • PunkyMonk says:

      “The only way for a reporter to look at a politician is down.” H.L.Mencken. I think its about time we exposed politicians for what they truly are – filthy, cheap low-rent thugs ! They are the true enemies of everything we hold dear and dont deserve to be treated any better than ur common criminals. Enough is enough.